Space Megaforce

Shoot ’em ups were all over the video game scene from the 80s to the early 90s, and Space Megaforce joined the genre in 1992 on the Super Nintendo. Developed by Compile and published by Toho, Space Megaforce offered two different modes, one “short game” that focused on short levels intending to earn a highContinue reading “Space Megaforce”

Mega Man 7

After six games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Mega Man series was moving to the Super Nintendo. In 1995, Capcom developed and published Mega Man 7 paving way for the blue bomber to upgrade to 16-bit graphics. How would the series differ from the NES and what new characters would be introduced? Story:Out ofContinue reading “Mega Man 7”

U.N. Squadron

“Top Gun on the SNES” Developed and published by Capcom, U.N. Squadron was a side-scrolling shooter in the arcade before it was ported to the Super Nintendo in 1991. U.N. Squadron has you taking control of three pilots as you navigate your way through a war map taking out enemy targets and bases. How wouldContinue reading “U.N. Squadron”

Final Fight 3 Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Mike Haggar wasn’t finished in the streets fighting crime as Mayor of Metro City so, in 1996, Capcom released Final Fight 3 for the Super Nintendo. Final Fight 3 comes with four playable characters and a new gang to beat up. Would the third installment of the series honor theContinue reading “Final Fight 3 Review”

Final Fight Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo, “Final Fight” introduced us to the crime-fighting mayor, Mike Haggar. With its success in the arcades, Capcom ported Final Fight to the Super Nintendo but the North American version was censored and changed for the sensitive eyes of American kids. Was it stillContinue reading “Final Fight Review”

Harvest Moon Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 1997, the Super Nintendo was on its last legs but that didn’t mean that there weren’t great games being produced for it still. Video games can take boring, mundane, and obligated tasks and turn them into fun. Harvest Moon started the farming craze back in 1997 when Natsume releasedContinue reading “Harvest Moon Review”