Harvest Moon Light of Hope Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 2018, Natsume released “Harvest Moon: Light of Hope” for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The Harvest Moon series has seen many entries, some of them filled with great gameplay and updates, others more on the boring side. Harvest Moon: Light of Hope brought the popular farming simulator onContinue reading “Harvest Moon Light of Hope Review”

Harvest Moon 3 GBC Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Victor Interactive Software and Natsume had grown quite the garden by 2001 with the third release of a Harvest Moon game for the Game Boy Color. Originally, the Japanese version came in two separate cartridges with a boy and girl version but when the game came to North America theyContinue reading “Harvest Moon 3 GBC Review”

Harvest Moon Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 1997, the Super Nintendo was on its last legs but that didn’t mean that there weren’t great games being produced for it still. Video games can take boring, mundane, and obligated tasks and turn them into fun. Harvest Moon started the farming craze back in 1997 when Natsume releasedContinue reading “Harvest Moon Review”

Harvest Moon GB Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Before there was Stardew Valley, before there was Farmville or any other farming simulators you can think of there was Harvest Moon. The original farming game hit the Super Nintendo in 1997. It’s addicting and simple gameplay has attracted thousands of causal gamers since spawning a series that is stillContinue reading “Harvest Moon GB Review”