Kirby’s Pinball Land Review

Rolie-polie and round, Kirby was the perfect selection for a video game character to literally be shaped into a pinball. The pink little guy stars in his first spinoff from the main series in Kirby’s Pinball Land. Developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo in 1993, the pinball game would be released on theContinue reading “Kirby’s Pinball Land Review”

Choplifter II

Choplifter is a game that has been remade and ported to many systems throughout the years since the inception of it in 1982 for the Apple II computer. The creator of it all was Dan Gorlin and each time it was ported his name was on the menu. A sequel to the original was finallyContinue reading “Choplifter II”

Operation C

After the success of the first two Contra games on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Konami wanted to try their hands at developing a Contra game on the Game Boy. In 1991, Konami teamed up with publisher Ultra Games and released “Operation C” for the hand-held system. The Contra series is known for being extremely fast-pacedContinue reading “Operation C”


“From Russia With Fun!” Nintendo launched the original Game Boy in 1989 and it launched with five games in North America. One of those games was “Tetris” a puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov that took the world by storm with over 35 million copies sold on the Game Boy alone. It was the “must-have”Continue reading “Tetris”


In 1989, Nintendo blew away the world by launching the Game Boy making car rides hundred of times better for all travelers. The Game Boy launched with five games available for North Americans. One of those games was “Alleyway” a brick-breaking game where the player must paddle a ball across the screen to clear theContinue reading “Alleyway”

Aerostar Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 1991, Vic Tokai developed and published “Aerostar” for the Game Boy. The vertical shoot ’em up changed the formula of shooters by incorporating a power meter for your ship based on how long it can stay in the air. The player would need to take that into consideration whenContinue reading “Aerostar Review”

Kirby’s Dream Land Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Who would have thought that a little pile of pink fluff could spawn a hugely successful video game franchise? Back in 1992, HAL Laboratory and Nintendo released Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy. This cute side-scrolling action platformer was a must-have for the system and spawned one of Nintendo’sContinue reading “Kirby’s Dream Land Review”

Solar Striker Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! With the Game Boy being less than a year old, Nintendo published and released “Solar Striker” for the handheld in 1990. The vertical shooter would find critical success among the gaming community and become one of the early favorites in the growing library for the Game Boy. We’re hopping fromContinue reading “Solar Striker Review”

Harvest Moon GB Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Before there was Stardew Valley, before there was Farmville or any other farming simulators you can think of there was Harvest Moon. The original farming game hit the Super Nintendo in 1997. It’s addicting and simple gameplay has attracted thousands of causal gamers since spawning a series that is stillContinue reading “Harvest Moon GB Review”

Ultra Golf Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Released in 1989, the Game Boy took the United States by storm as every kid was now able to play mobile video games. In 1992, Konami developed and released “Ultra Golf” for the Game Boy.  In this Ultra Golf review, we’ll hit the links and compete in a tournament asContinue reading “Ultra Golf Review”