“From Russia With Fun!” Nintendo launched the original Game Boy in 1989 and it launched with five games in North America. One of those games was “Tetris” a puzzle game created by Alexey Pajitnov that took the world by storm with over 35 million copies sold on the Game Boy alone. It was the “must-have”Continue reading “Tetris”


In 1989, Nintendo blew away the world by launching the Game Boy making car rides hundred of times better for all travelers. The Game Boy launched with five games available for North Americans. One of those games was “Alleyway” a brick-breaking game where the player must paddle a ball across the screen to clear theContinue reading “Alleyway”

Zillion Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Back in the 80s, Anime was exploding in popularity in Japan. Anime had great plots, cute girls, and tons of action so the conversion of an anime show to a video game seemed inevitable. One of the earliest conversions was Zillion which aired from April 1987 to December 1987 inContinue reading “Zillion Review”

BoxBoy! Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 2015, HAL Laboratory and Nintendo released BoxBoy! for the Nintendo 3DS. The puzzle-platformer was based on a simple premise of a box being able to duplicate other boxes to navigate through dangerous levels filled with lasers, cliffs, and saws. This brain buster received positive reviews from most critics butContinue reading “BoxBoy! Review”