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  1. Dear Mr Chainsaw,
    I enjoy your videos and YouTube content. I have a few ideas that could make your channel even better (yes I know it is hard to believe).
    1) with March quickly approaching and March Madness in the air how about you propose a 64 or 32 game bracket and go through till you get one decisive winner. Could be a multitude of systems – and then either you could set up a voting system or simply create your personal all time favorite game (or viewers favorite). This could also lead to good discussion on your page.
    2) perhaps you could do small segments with a variety of guests (not just that squeaky girl you have on from time to time). They could be experts or novices who rarely play who could lead to new insight on your channel. Perhaps you could set up a friend who has never played game A to play for 20 mins or an hr or something. Get their thoughts on the game and discuss overall what they liked or didn’t with some of the best or worst games you can think of.
    3) Perhaps you could also have a segment from time to time discussing the advancements in very basic tech for the systems or games. For example…standard NES to the current PS5 or those little flappy things on the back of the controller.
    4) Finally, I mean no disrespect Mr. Chainsaw but can you please decrease the amount of content with that young lady you put on your channel from time to time. She adds little to the quality of the video and she just makes the videos difficult to watch. I’m sure she is a relative or friend you feel bad for so you are trying to be nice, but honestly everytime I see her in the preview or thumbnail I simply must skip those videos. Again no disrespect.
    5) please reach out if you would like to discuss ideas in more detail and again no disrespect regarding your female co-host.
    Thank you,
    Phillip B


  2. Dear Mr Phillip,
    Of course any criticism is appreciated in this community. That being said, your comments about “the girl in the videos” adding nothing to the content? That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You can tell by the chemistry between the two that she is clearly a fiancé or wife to TigerChainsaw. The chemistry on the channel works very well for the content! You can also tell that she is just a down to earth gamer and not a self righteous wanna be expert blogger with big opinions. A true expert once said, “A closed mouth gathers no foot.”


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