Trigger Witch Review

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One of the most underrated games in gaming was released in 2021 when developer Rainbite Limited teamed up with Eastasia Software Limited to produce Trigger Witch. This little-known title is superb from start to finish with the gameplay and insane plot twist. My Trigger Witch review was completed on the Switch and I found the controls excellent on the system. Strap up and bring plenty of ammo, you’ll need it for this review.

Trigger Witch Plot

Trigger Witch follows the journey of Colette, a powerful witch, who embarks on a mission to uncover the mysteries behind a world in which firearms have replaced traditional magic. The game is set in a fantasy world where magic and technology coexist. Magic no longer is used by the witch kingdom, Evertonia. It has been forgotten with the convenience and use of guns. Almost all citizens of this land use guns or worship the religion of guns.

The game begins as Colette wakes up and needs to pass her final test to graduate from “The Stock”, a tough program that trains witches into gun-toting protectors of Evertonia. She soon meets up with her friends Shelly, a gentle witch who is compassionate, and Remi, who acts as a jealous rival. Before taking on the final test, Colette visits the Ordnance Rift, a strange and mystery dimensional rift that can give powerful weapons to those it deems worthy. When Colette visits, she is gifted a pistol, making her worthy. Together they all take the gauntlet but only Colette passes. The final boss in the gauntlet is Colette’s high school bully! I can’t believe they were able to get that to fly in today’s age but it’s a fun fight.

Remi becomes increasingly jealous of Colette while Shelly is supportive. A man in black soon appears and Colette wants to investigate who he is as he’s been causing trouble. Evertonia is split into two kingdoms, there’s the witch kingdom, and then there’s the Goblin Kingdom. The witches have ceased to use magic as they use their firearms for everything, while the Goblins still use magic as they were not blessed with guns from the rift. The problem with this is that both kingdoms grew suspicious of each other and stopped talking. There isn’t a war between them but the nations don’t talk and are not friendly.

Colette’s investigation leads her all around both kingdoms, with some missions in Goblin land leading to her being arrested or needing to help Goblins to gain their trust. Shelly helps her out when she can, while Remi becomes increasingly hostile eventually leading to a fight. Once Remi is defeated she begins to support Colette and realizes that she shouldn’t be upset at Colette’s success.

As Colette hones in on the mystery man in a black cape that has been causing trouble in both kingdoms, she learns how powerful magic used to be for the witches. She takes on more quests to unseal portions of the kingdom that have been previously protected by magic. She finally catches the man in black who jumps through a portal as he encourages her to follow.

This is where the game gets WILD in this Trigger Witch review and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HOW OFF THE RAILS IT GOES.

Colette is transported to another realm through a portal and soon discovers the man in black is none other than JOSEPH STALIN the former Premier of the Soviet Union and the architect of Socialism! He has been searching for a way to gain power for the Soviet Union and he believes the magic from the witches will help turn his kingdom into a superpower.

Stalin says he will spare the people of the witch kingdom in exchange for the magic. Colette doesn’t care as she just blasted half of the Soviet Union army away but Stalin has a trick up his sleeve and blasts Colette’s mom in front of her forcing her to fight him as he hopes she’ll use magic and he can steal it.

After a brief fight, Stalin says he will use the power of Goblin levitation to power rocket ships and control the solar system. He then hops into a rocket and blasts off landing on the moon. Colette is hot on his trail flying her broom into space where they crashland on the moon. Stalin then becomes Mecha Stalin and faces off with Colette in the final showdown. As Colette defeats Stalin, he insists that she is a fool and that her empire won’t stand against him. Just as he is about to warp into another dimension, Colette puts a bullet in his head ending Stalin’s reign.

Colette rushes back to her mom and heals her with a potion and they decide that despite the amazing weapons and guns that Stalin has stashed in his hideout, they need to destroy the dimensional rift. They escape through the portal and land back in Evertonia. Much to their surprise, it has been decades since they left as time passes differently in the other realm. All of Colette’s friends are very old now. Remi has become the oracle and Shelly the Queen. Your mother is healed and Shelly and Remi take you to an overlook of Evertonia as the game ends.

Trigger Witch Gameplay

When I first started my Trigger Witch review, the color palette stood out immediately. It was pastel colors and almost made me think of Easter, but the gameplay is far from family-friendly. The game features fast-paced, top-down shooting gameplay, mixed with puzzles, exploration, and crafting mechanics.

The game is played from a top-down perspective, with the player controlling Colette, the main protagonist, as she battles her way through various levels filled with enemies and obstacles. Colette can move around the environment using the left analog stick and aim her weapons in any direction using the right analog stick. You’ll be able to also use the game’s auto-aim feature, which targets the nearest enemy in Colette’s line of sight but I rarely used it during my Trigger Witch review. I went in freestyle aiming and I left tons of bodies in my path. The aiming was quick enough that I didn’t feel the need for the auto-aim.

Colette can carry up to two weapons at a time, each with its own unique attributes and ammo type. The game features a variety of weapons, including pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and even a flamethrower. Colette can also use a melee attack with her broomstick, which deals a significant amount of damage and can be used to break open crates and barriers. It was so satisfying to level up the weapons by collecting gems off the bodies of my enemies. There wasn’t a weapon I didn’t love in my Trigger Witch review, and each of them is designed to better destroy certain enemy types but even the pistols which I used a ton were efficient enough for most shootouts. There were times when I was surrounded by tons of enemy hordes and I found that the machine guns were best suited to take out large numbers. There’s plenty of gore to go around with blood and guts emptying out on the floor after all the chaos. I loved the clash of dark red against the pastel environments and enemies.

In addition to weapons, I used magical spells during my Trigger Witch review, such as a shield to block incoming projectiles, a teleportation spell to move quickly around the environment, and a time-slowing spell to gain an advantage in combat. These spells require a certain amount of magic energy, which can be replenished by picking up mana orbs dropped by defeated enemies. While it was nice to have these magic spells, I didn’t overuse them and relied more on the sheer power of my guns and the nimbleness of Colette to speed around and avoid enemies. The quick burst spell was the most helpful as it got you out of pinches in a hurry.

The Stalin boss fight is as much ridiculous as it is fun. It was such a blast and was an excellent final fight in the game. You have to defeat him as he has bullet deflectors on his body which cause bullets to curve around him. Once you defeat that portion, you’ll hop on a broom and the game turns into a shoot ’em up. It was so much fun and a solid challenge.

Once you defeat the shoot ’em up portion, you’ll land on the moon and Stalin will enter a mech. This is the last segment of the fight and it’s just as good as the rest. Fighting a mech Stalin on the moon… was just a beautiful moment. I didn’t struggle with the final showdown but I can see where it could be difficult for some.

One thing I didn’t get to experience in my Trigger Witch review was the co-op. Trigger Witch can be played entirely in co-op which would be tons of fun with this type of gameplay. Maybe, someday?


I bought Trigger Witch from PlayAsia and honestly, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought it might be a cute game to play for a few hours but after seeing all the gore I knew this was going to be a sweet game. Making my way to the end stages was berserk. My jaw was on the ground when the game not only took a left turn but drove off the cliff. I LOVED the twist and had no idea it was coming.

Trigger Witch Review Score:

Trigger Witch was a super sleeper hit. The controls are fluid, the weapons are satisfying to pull the trigger on, and the level layouts are welcoming. My jaw hit the floor with the plot twist and I was laughing at how ridiculous it got, but it was all for the best! Overall, this is a hidden gem that should be played and supported.

Trigger Witch scores a 9.5 out of 10.

What would you write in your Trigger Witch review? What other games go completely off the rails at the end? Are there other games like Trigger Witch? Let me know your thoughts and comments on Trigger Witch, I’d love to read them.


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