Anarchy Reigns Review

Exaggerated character design. Hilariously terrible dialogue. Mind-numbing button mashing. Anarchy Reigns had it all, and I enjoyed every bit of it! Developed by PlatinumGames, and published by Sega, Anarchy Reigns was released in 2013 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For my Anarchy Reigns review, I chose the PS3 version. The game is veryContinue reading “Anarchy Reigns Review”

Black Belt

The Sega Master System had just been released in North America when Sega developed and published Black Belt in 1986. The side-scrolling beat ’em up would feature martial artist Riki on his quest to rescue Kyoko from his evil rival Wang. If you are a fan of the series “Fist of the North Star”, BlackContinue reading “Black Belt”

Golden Axe II

The Sega Genesis had some huge arcade hits in its game library. Golden Axe was a fan favorite, but Golden Axe II took the franchise to a new level with its in-depth details, smooth mechanics, and addicting beat ’em up action. Developed and published by Sega in 1992, Golden Axe II became another hit forContinue reading “Golden Axe II”

Golden Axe

Released in 1989 for the Sega Genesis, Golden Axe is a fan-favorite sidescrolling beat ’em up. Developed and published by Sega, Golden Axe gives you or a co-op team the chance at taking down the evil Death Adder after he has kidnapped the King and Princess. It’s up to you to fight your way throughContinue reading “Golden Axe”

Alien Storm

Developed and published by Sega, Alien Storm was released in 1991 in North America for the Sega Genesis. The side-scrolling beat ’em up would combine elements of street brawlers and arcade shooters to put together a unique but silly game about saving the Earth from aliens. Would the action and gameplay create the perfect stormContinue reading “Alien Storm”

Final Fight 2 Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 1993, Capcom released Final Fight 2 for the Super Nintendo making way for Mike Haggar and co. to clean up the international streets of crime again. The beat ’em up didn’t change much of the gameplay and kept the same villains from the original game. Would it keep theContinue reading “Final Fight 2 Review”

Rivals of Aether Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! In 2017, Dan Fornace and his team developed and produced Rivals of Aether for the Xbox One. The retro-style fighting game plays similar to Super Smash Bros. with the damage counter and ability to knock opponents off the stage to win. Would Rivals of Aether be a knockout or wouldContinue reading “Rivals of Aether Review”

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Who doesn’t love a crossover in video games? Imagine taking the best characters from the most popular franchises and pitting them against each other in a battle royale filled with weapons and power-ups? Oh, wait does that sound familiar? Nintendo did it already? Well, in 2012 SuperBot Entertainment, Bluepoint GamesContinue reading “PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Review”

Final Fight Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Released in 1991 for the Super Nintendo, “Final Fight” introduced us to the crime-fighting mayor, Mike Haggar. With its success in the arcades, Capcom ported Final Fight to the Super Nintendo but the North American version was censored and changed for the sensitive eyes of American kids. Was it stillContinue reading “Final Fight Review”

Fighting Force 2 Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Two years after the release of the multiplayer beat ’em up Fighting Force, Core Design and Eidos Interactive produced Fighting Force 2 in 1999 for the PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast. The sequel dropped the multiplayer but continued the emphasis on the destructible environment and weapons to bash the brains ofContinue reading “Fighting Force 2 Review”