Wolfenstein The New Order Review

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Wolfenstein is one of the oldest video game series still going on today. The first game was titled “Castle Wolfenstein” and was released in 1981 for the computer. After numerous releases, the series was rebooted in 2014 when developer MachineGames and publisher Bethesda Softworks released Wolfenstein: The New Order on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Would the series return to glory in this Wolfenstein The New Order review?

Wolfenstein The New Order Plot:

Like most Wolfenstein games, William “B.J.” Blazkowicz stars as the Nazi killing machine. I was happy to see him included as I have tons of memories of playing as him in Wolfenstein 3D. The Nazis have superior advanced technology that has turned the war in their favor. In 1946, B.J. and his pals in the U.S. Special Forces take part in an air raid against a fortress that is controlled by top Nazi, General Wilhelm “Deathshead” Strasse.

After being shot down, B.J. and three other men are captured and brought before Deathshead who forces B.J. to choose between two of his comrades. (I picked for Wyatt to live during my Wolfenstein The New Order review) Whoever you choose to spare, they will later join you and have different perks than the other one would have. B.J. and whoever you choose to spare, escape the lab but B.J. suffers a massive head injury that sends him into a coma for 14 years. YES, 14 YEARS B.J. IS IN A COMA!

It’s now 1960 and the Nazis have won the war and taken control of America. During B.J.’s 14 years in a coma, he was cared for by a nurse named Anya and her family that runs an asylum. The Nazis storm the facility and start executing patients ordering the doctors to give up the patients. Anya and her parents refuse which results in her parents being executed as Anya runs for safety. All the fuss wakes up BJ from his 14-year long nap and sends B.J. into a rage where he kills the exterminating team and rescues Anya from being killed.

Anya and B.J. start to work together and convince her grandparents to smuggle them past a checkpoint in Berlin to save members of the Nazi resistance. After rallying the resistance and some of its members, they attack a Nazi research facility in London. They find tons of technology being used by the Nazis that was created by a Jewish scientist who is now in a prisoner camp. B.J. goes undercover and busts out Dr. Set Roth who created the tech. With Set’s help, they find more advanced technology caches that are hidden within the world.

After a few missions including one that sends B.J. to the moon, the Resistance has been captured and members of it have been sent to Deathshead’s facility. B.J. busts in and discovers the person he picked to kill 14 years ago is now controlling a killer robot with their brain as the operating system. After destroying the machine B.J. battles Deathshead in an extra bloody battle resulting in Deathshead being blown up by one of his grenades. B.J. isn’t so lucky as his body is torn to shreds and he is left dying as the credits roll.

Wolfenstein The New Order Gameplay:

I was quite pleased to see how the combat evolved since playing Wolfenstein 3D. It would have been great to have a little face at the bottom that showed your health like the 3D version, but that’s just a nostalgic wish. Gun controls and aiming are smooth, and I found no issue with aiming or pumping Nazis full of lead during my Wolfenstein The Order review.

When your health diminishes you’ll need to find armor to replenish your stock. Most levels have proper layouts where if you need armor, you can find some by looting a closet or corner. Just make sure to take an extra look around if you’re hurting. Wolfenstein The New Order offers tons of action. It’s not like Doom where you are running around nonstop as you take down enemies, but don’t be surprised if you constantly are fighting 2-3 enemies at once as they run around and hunt you. You need to be smart when you go on the offense because if you just run around without a plan you’re bound to get popped. I always felt like a badass during my Wolfenstein The New Order review when I was double-wielding guns. One of my favorite things to do was finding the commanders of each level to kill. Each one of them is equipped with an alarm that they can raise to bring in more guards, but if you take them out using a signal tracker to home on them, then the rest of the guards are left without backup. It’s a fun mini-game to play within the level.

Wolfenstein 3D was plenty bloody, but don’t worry the developers took that to heart and continued with the gore. You’ll be splattering blood all over the walls, watching Nazis die in grizzle ways, and seeing their bodies shatter. Cut scenes work well and fit into the story. They don’t linger on too long and I always enjoyed watching them during my Wolfenstein The New Order review.

Dr. Deathshead was a great villain. You loved to hate him and his act of making you choose who lives and who dies was clever, especially when both characters come back into the plot. The game isn’t all action, as you’ll have a few missions that require undercover work like when you board the Nazi train or head into the prisoner camp. I remember vividly entering the camp and feeling like I wouldn’t be walking out of there alive during my Wolfenstein The New Order review. They did a great job creating that atmosphere of hopelessness.

The Resistance characters are hit or miss. I like Anya, and Wyatt but others come off as annoying. The cast of characters continues to get worse in the second one, but I’ll speak on that when I review the second game. Dr. Deathshead is a wrinkly old bag, but his character is great. They nailed him, but I wish they would have worked a little bit more on the characters around you. The whole idea of the Nazis finding advanced weapon caches was a bit stupid, but whatever.

I have so many memories of playing Wolfenstein 3D so I was excited to see New Order come out. My wife bought it for me and I was pleased to see all the gore and fast-paced action return. The battle against Dr. Deathshead was fun and challenging. I didn’t mind dying because I knew there was a way to beat him. (Take out the flying blimp that charges his shield before taking him on)

Wolfenstein The New Order brought hope that the franchise could come back, but unfortunately, it was followed up by Wolfenstein: The Colossus which came with a terrible cast of characters. I hope if they make a third game, they keep the spirit of the first game instead of the second.

Wolfenstein The New Order Review Score

If you love alternate timelines for World War II, advanced Nazis, gore, fast-paced action, and villains you just can’t wait to kill, then Wolfenstein The New Order is for you. The reboot works well, and it was a great first step in making the franchise relevant again.

Wolfenstein: The New Order scores an 8.6 out of 10.

What would you write in your Wolfenstein The New Order review? Do you remember when Wolfenstein: The New Order first came out? What did you think of the reboot? Did you like the cast around B.J.? Who did you choose to spare? How did you like the final battle against Dr. Deathshead? Let me know your memories and thoughts, I’d love to read the comments!

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