Overcooked 2 Review

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The original Overcooked acted as an appetizer for the main dish that is Overcooked 2. Team17 and Ghost Town Games are back to serve seconds for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Released in 2018, Overcooked 2 slides more chaos on your plate to sort through. Today, I’ll be reviewing the PlayStation 4 version. I’m back for seconds in the Overcooked 2 review!

Overcooked 2 Plot:

Our two favorite rulers of food land are back as Onion King and his pet dog Kevin need our help again. After destroying the Spaghetti Monster the undead are attacking, I mean the Unbread. Slices of burnt toast have risen from the grave and are attacking Onion King’s castle. It’s up to you and your partner chefs to navigate through hoards of unbread and a buffet of levels to save the food kingdom again.

Defeat all the chaotic levels, and the unbread go back into their graves leaving in peace.

Overcooked 2 Gameplay:

Overcooked 2 doesn’t change the recipe from Overcooked. You can play by yourself, or with up to three other chefs to navigate six different worlds. My wife and I teamed up and took down all the kitchens in the land for this Overcooked 2 review. The first Overcooked we were able to three-star every kitchen in the game which is the highest you can rank. At first, Overcooked 2 seemed a little easier than the first game as we blew through the majority of the levels with no issues three-starring each kitchen. About halfway through our Overcooked 2 review we started to run into issues and didn’t three stars two kitchens in the game. We replayed them a few times but we didn’t have any luck putting our best effort forward. My wife and I are both very competitive in Overcooked and often blame each other for the failures in the kitchen. After attempting these levels, it was best to move on with two stars to save my wife yelling at me. Don’t let her fool you, I’m the better cook.

It’s important to do the best you can and get as many stars to unlock the next set of levels. You can even drive off the trail and find a few hidden “Kevin” levels which were equally as fun. While there were two or three hard levels to three-star, we found the game to be generally easy like the first Overcooked. We were disappointed in the final level where you face hordes of Unbread. It was so easy! Maybe we are just master chefs, but we crushed it on our first attempt and beating it so easily was a little disappointing. I remember it took us a few tries to beat the Spaghetti Monster in the first Overcooked, so I was expecting a challenge.

You’re able to select from quite a few different chefs to play as. It’s always fun to unlock new ones. I was set on the sushi Asian chef for my Overcooked 2 review and my wife switched between a few different rodents like squirrels, rats, and mice. After we beat the campaign, I thought that was it, but I was happily wrong. The creators of Overcooked 2 added a few bonus worlds for free that you can access through a menu selection.

This added so much more to Overcooked 2. There are four more worlds each with 5-7 levels and these levels add tons of new ingredients and elements to the kitchen. You’ll be able to play Winter Wonderland, Kevin’s Crackers, Spring Festival and Chinese New Year all for free. My wife and I had so much fun playing these bonus levels, we liked it even more than the main course!

These bonus stages added fun new gameplay. You’ll launch each other out of an air cannon, wear backpacks with ingredients that the other chef must grab from and push large pots of boiling Pho to cook. I’m glad they included these levels but this sort of innovation was the type of gameplay I expected throughout the entire game. I suppose I’d rather have these elements in the dessert portion of the game than not at all. Aside from the new elements in the kitchen, there are two new modes too. Survival will have you serving dishes based on a timer, each order you put out will reward you with more time. Once the clock runs out, it’s game over! My favorite mode was horde mode in which attacking foods like Christmas cookies and killer candy canes tried to break into your kitchen. There are numerous entries for them to break into that is covered up by wooden boards. They’ll start to smash through the boards and if they get through they’ll damage the kitchen. It’s up to you and your partner to serve dishes to earn money. You can use the money to reinforce the doors between the 3-5 waves of hordes you’ll face. It was so much fun and a little stressful. I hope if they make an Overcooked 3, this gameplay is included in the main portion of the game.

Overcooked 2 Review Score:

I bought the Overcooked games for my wife who loves cooking games, but this series has us both hooked. I love playing with her and teaming up taking down kitchens and solving new recipes. Overcooked 2 didn’t change up the gameplay until the bonus levels but at least the incorporated it.

Before I discovered the bonus levels, I was going to rate Overcooked better than Overcooked 2 but with the bonus levels including hordes, cannons, backpacks and more we are having way too much fun and find it hard to put the controllers down. Overcooked 2 is just as good as the first dish, but gets the nod over the original right before closing time!

Overcooked 2 scores a 9.1 out of 10.

What would you write in your Overcooked 2 review? Have you played both Overcooked games and if so which one if your favorite? Did you love the horde mode as I did? Are you the best chef in your circle of friends? Let me know your thoughts and memories, I’d love to read them!

If you want to own Overcooked 2 you can purchase a preowned copy of it for the PS4 on eBay for $13.

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