Overcooked Review

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In 2016, Ghost Town Games teamed up with Team17 to release Overcooked for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and later the Nintendo Switch. This extreme cooking game chopped up all the competition in a wonderful co-op cook-off. Today, I’ll be reviewing Overcooked for the PS4. We are examining the cooking chaos theory in this Overcooked review!

Overcooked Plot:

A giant spaghetti monster is terrorizing the planet. One to four brave chefs must prepare themselves for a feast of a lifetime. Prepare yourself as you hone your skills to defeat the spaghetti monster who is threatening to devour the planet with his unquenchable hunger. Practice your cooking skills and defeat the monster with a ginormous feast to save the world! You’ll be supervised by the Onion King and his trusty pet dog, Kevin. This Overcooked review scores bonus points for including Kevin.

Overcooked Gameplay:

Technically, you can beat Overcooked by yourself but what fun would that be? Overcooked is meant to be played on the couch with friends. You can team up with three other chefs in the kitchen as you chop, steam, bake, cook and probably burn various dishes. My wife and I played the entire game together and it couldn’t have been more fun. I was warned before playing it that Overcooked was the number one game to ruin marriages due to the stressful environments and blame tossed around. We had our fair share of that, but we spent more time high-fiving each other than throwing our controllers on the floor.

Overcooked is a simple game. Orders will come into the kitchen from customers and you’ll have to find the ingredients, properly prepare them, cook them, plate the dish, send it out and wash the dishes. Each level you’ll be timed and have a minimum score to reach in order to pass the stage. You score points based on how quickly the order goes out, the faster you get it out, the larger the tip from the customer. If you miss an order, you get docked points. You’ll be preparing burgers, pizzas, burritos, cakes, sushi, salads, and soups to feed the bellies of your hungry patrons.

You can choose from a variety of chefs to represent yourself. You’ll be able to choose young to old, multiple races as well as animals or robots. Overcooked doesn’t take itself seriously, which makes it all the more fun. Working together to put out delicious dishes with your pals sounds fun already, right? It is, but Overcooked is no normal cooking game. Oh no, not in the least bit. Your kitchens will rarely be in restaurants. Instead, you’ll be cooking up recipes on iceberg islands, lava-spewing rivers, split food trucks racing each other, pirate ships swaying back-and-forth in the ocean, and space stations. On a rare occasion, you do cook in a city restaurant, expect the unexpected! Earthquakes, busy cross-walks, and mice will disrupt your kitchen as you work to send out the orders on time. Make sure you keep an eye on your food because if you get distracted on the chaos surrounding you, you’ll kitchen will catch on fire. Keep that handy fire extinguisher nearby!

The Chaos theory runs deep in Overcooked. Nothing is too crazy to be excluded from the kitchen. You’ll have to study up and think quickly on your feet in preparing the food as your ingredients disappear, the environment turns deadly or your partner is a complete nincompoop. Once you beat each level you’ll face off against the Spaghetti Monster in the ultimate showdown of hunger and all-you-can-eat food. Satisfy the beast and his belly will explode.

Overcooked wasn’t too difficult and you’ll be able to beat it within five hours of playing. I would have liked to see a few more levels but the developers did release more in DLC, although I never pay for any of that crap. It’s a simple enough game where anyone can pick it up and play including kids. Looking over my Overcooked review notes, I’d ask my wife what she thought of certain aspects. It was fun to discuss what we liked and didn’t like throughout our playthrough.

I bought Overcooked for my wife on our PS4. She loves cooking games and I thought it’d be a great way to play together. It was everything and more that I could have hoped for. We had a ton of fun playing Overcooked together each night after work. We mastered each level quickly as we three-starred each stage on way to the Spaghetti Monster. There were a few times when we’d blame each other for failure but it was so much fun to replay the level we didn’t care if we lost.

There’s a head-to-head challenge that you play but we never tried it. It wouldn’t be fair to her to smash her in the kitchen as I let her think she runs the show. Overcooked became so popular in our home that we’d invite my friends over for my wife to play with. She’d yell and cuss them out whenever they messed up which was most of the time. I think she enjoyed bossing them around.

It’s a fun game to revisit from time-to-time and you can bet that we have all the DLC and also three-starred those levels. When Overcooked 2 came out just a few months later I made sure to pick it up for her birthday. It’s a perfect game for any lover of cooking sims or chaotic games that require teamwork.

Overcooked Review Score:

Overcooked has a simple premise, cook and serve. It took only two people at Ghost Town Games to nail the recipe. Its gameplay is so addicting and makes the levels worth playing, again and again, to see if you can beat your personal record. I’m always amazed when fantastic games are developed by a small group of individuals. Ghost Town Games knew exactly what they wanted to create and dished out a near-perfect couch game to be played with family and friends. You don’t need in-depth gameplay or a fantastic story to have a superb game and Overcooked exemplifies that.

Overcooked scores a 9 out of 10.

What would you write for your Overcooked review? What did you think of Overcooked when it first came out? What was your favorite level to play? Did you play it with friends and if so are you STILL friends with them? Who was your favorite chef to use? Let me know your thoughts and memories of Overcooked, I’d love to read them!

If you’d like to own a copy of Overcooked, you can purchase a brand new edition with all the DLC on eBay for the PS4 for $15.

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