SCE Japan Studio isn’t afraid to get weird. In 2006, they LocoRoco for the PlayStation Portable. The strange game would come with colorful singing little bouncy balls, immersive landscapes, and catchy tunes. With simplistic controls and easy gameplay, LocoRoco invited all gamers to have a go with the strange world that it had conceived. HowContinue reading “LocoRoco”

The Legend of Dragoon

Before there was “Ico” or “Shadow of the Colossus”, SCE Japan Studio had its sight set on making a role-playing game that would become a “Final Fantasy Killer”. In 1999, SCE Japan Studio and Sony Computer Entertainment released “The Legend of Dragoon” for the PlayStation. The fantasy adventure would see some success in Japan, butContinue reading “The Legend of Dragoon”

Shadow of the Colossus Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! With the release of Ico in 2001, Team Ico found critical success but the commercial success was yet to come due to little marketing and a terrible game cover. In 2005, developers SCE Japan Studio and Team Ico partnered up again and released Shadow of the Colossus for the PlayStationContinue reading “Shadow of the Colossus Review”

Ico Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Japanese game creators are known for putting out bizarre video games with silly concepts. “You’re a mosquito and you must bite that woman’s breast” or “play through this maze that simulates an acid trip”, I’m not joking those are both real games. Japan may produce some whacky games, but theyContinue reading “Ico Review”