Manami Matsumae Interview

The following interview was between TigerChainsaw and legendary video game composer, Manami Matsumae. Her career spans over 30 years with credits for the Mega Man Series, Final Fight, U.N. Squadron, Shovel Knight, and over 50 other video games. This specific interview is dedicated to her work on the original Mega Man in 1987 for theContinue reading “Manami Matsumae Interview”

Mega Man Review

Subscribe To My YouTube Channel! Back in 1987, Capcom gave birth to the Mega Man series which is still going strong today. The success of the franchise is the result of clever-level designs, interchangeable weapons, and unique boss fights. Today, I’m reviewing the first Mega Man game for the original Nintendo. Let’s just get thisContinue reading “Mega Man Review”