Pangya: Fantasy Golf

Big titted anime girls and my 9-Iron.

Golf is boring, right? Only old retired men play it! Wrong! On Pangya Island, the game of golf is a sacred ritual used to defeat evil every one hundred years as the dark lord tries to take over the world. This island is much like “Zack Island” in the Dead or Alive universe as it’s filled with anime girls with huge tits and lots of cleavage. Golf and boobs, sounds nice right? That’s the world that developer and publisher “Tomy” created when they released “Pangya: Fantasy Golf” in 2009 for the PlayStation Portable. Is this game for everyone like it advertises or is it only for hardcore gamers?

A golf game with a story? You bet! What a crazy story this is too!

This game is not as well known as I thought it would be so the character database on the interest is not very strong and unfortunately, I didn’t take notes on the characters as I played. I’ll do my best to recall the important characters and their roles in this story.

Scout – He’s the main character in the story and is the decedent of the first hero that saved Pangya Island from the dark lord. Naturally, Scout is set to walk the same steps as his ancient ancestor and defeat the dark lord by beating him in golf.

Hana – She has a crush on Scout and follows him to Pangya Island. I guess her ancestor also played a role in defeating the dark lord.

Arin – She’s a magic-user who has blue hair and big boobs. She is popular among the guys both young and old.

Uncle Bob – He’s a retired cop who likes to eat tons of fried chicken and hit on Cecelia.

Cecelia – She’s the naval officer with a few buttons missing on her top. She is good at calculations.

Kooh – I don’t know how old she is but I hope she is at least 18. She runs around in tiny underwear the entire game. She is the pirate leader looking for her long long father.

Max – He’s the super-star tennis player who has found himself on Pangya Island. He’s in it for money.

Cien – She’s second in command in the underworld as she tries to revive the dark lord. I think she can transform into a dragon too, I don’t know there was a lot going on in the story.

There are many other characters but the ones I mentioned are the ones that are involved in the story the most. You’ll play each character’s story arc to complete the overall story. Scout is the chosen one to defeat the dark lord but in order to do so, he’ll have to collect the most powerful golf clubs and balls to win. Scout defeats, Kaz who is the dark lord but the story doesn’t end there. You can play an epilogue with Kaz where you learn more about his back story including the ghost woman that follows him around. It’s his lover who he accidentally killed or sacrificed to become evil. (I think, remember I didn’t take notes so if I’m wrong, I’m wrong)


Pop Quiz: What’s an albatross? You are correct if you say a bird, but like other golf terms like “birdie” and “eagle”, the albatross is an extremely rare score that you can achieve in the game of golf. Let’s say the par is a “5”, a birdie would be 4, an eagle would be 3, and an albatross would be 2! I achieved this score during Pangya: Fantasy Golf so I actually learned something about a sport that I knew for the most part, pretty well.

Pangya is a casual golf simulator much like Hot Shots Golf. This means it’s very easy to pick up and play for anyone. It doesn’t matter your skill level, you’ll likely play and have fun because the game makes it easy. You’ll be given the most beneficial club in each situation but you can switch it out as you see fit. Characters are very customizable including their clubs and balls which change the stats, some balls go further, while others control better. You can also change the outfits by unlocking them with the currency of the game “Pang”. Most outfits make the girls even skimpier.

The courses you play on are all fantasy courses with settings like snow, paradise, and lava. The game may be simple but it does offer a huge replayability factor. There is a single-player campaign and it can be challenging. It took me two months of casual playtime to beat the entire game and once you reach the halfway point of the game it begins to get challenging. A few matches or challenges I had to play five to eight times to beat it and each one can last around thirty minutes. If I lost it was mostly on my skills although there were some cheap shots by the AI, as you could almost guarantee that they would sink the putt if it was within 30 yards.

I bought this gem on eBay as a brand new game. I was pumped to play it in the car as my wife drove us to her parents’ house but much to my dismay, the game didn’t load. I had just a black screen! I thought perhaps the disc was broken but after looking into the issue I then concluded that I needed a system update to my PSP to play it. Turns out that was just for online play and since that was long gone I was puzzled about what I was going to do. Well, it was a simple solution. My PSP is second-hand and I guess it’s not running the best anymore and I had to hold my PSP a certain way to get the game to start. It worked and I played Pangya for the next two months. It took a long time to beat it but it was worth it as I enjoyed my stay on Pangya Island discovering the characters and buying slutty outfits for my big titted friends.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf was a lot of fun as a golf game with a silly story and lovable but goofy characters. I even enjoyed the opening video where they are dancing around with the credits.

This game probably isn’t popular in the U.S. but I really dug it with all the silliness and sexiness. The developers weren’t afraid to put some curves on the courses if you know what I mean. My main complaint is that some of the trick shots that they teach you through tutorials have little to no effect of how you play. I never used them and when the AI did, it didn’t help them much so it felt like it was a waste of time to learn them.

A fun game that offers tons of fun by yourself or with friends. Give Pangya: Fantasy Golf a swing if you are able, you should find yourself quickly becoming addicted to it.

Pangya: Fantasy Golf scores an 8.6 out of 10.

Do you remember when Pangya: Fantasy Golf first came out? Who was your favorite character to play as? What did you think of the story and do you wish more sports game incorporated plots like this? Did you play in the online tournaments when they were open? Let me know your memories and thoughts, I’d love to read the comments.

If you’d like to own a copy of Pangya: Fantasy Golf, you can purchase a brand new copy of it for the PSP for $20 on eBay.

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