Mega Man 5 Review

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Dr. Wily plans world domination, Mega Man battles his robots and saves the day. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Now that you are caught up from the first four Mega Man games and have discovered Capcom’s secret formula we can move on to my next review which is Mega Man 5. Released in 1992 by Capcom for the Nintendo, Mega Man 5 saw a familiar evil scientist seek total chaos. Does Mega Man save the day again in this Mega Man 5 review?

Mega Man 5 Plot:

By now you have realized that Dr. Wily is the evil scientist behind all of the schemes in taking over the world with robots. It hasn’t even been TWO MONTHS since the events of Mega Man 4 and Dr. Wily is back at it! This man never learns and Mega Man never finishes him off when he has the chance. This time, Dr. Wily has at least tried to disguise his plans. Let’s take a look at the first four plots in the series:

Mega Man: Dr. Light and Dr. Wily work together to bring the creation of humanoid robots. Dr. Wily grows jealous of Dr. Light and reprograms six robots to take over the world. Dr. Light reprograms his “helper” robot into a war machine named Mega Man who stops Dr. Wily.

Mega Man 2: Taking place one year after the first Mega Man, Dr. Wily decides to create his own army of robot masters to take over the world. Mega Man swoops in and saves the day.

Mega Man 3: Dr. Wily claims to have changed his ways and is now working with Dr. Light again on a peace-keeping robot named “Gamma”. Eight robot masters suddenly turn evil and run away with the power crystals that were going to be used to power Gamma. Mega Man is called into action and defeats the robot masters and destroys Gamma. Dr. Wily was behind the whole plot and faces Mega Man once again only to be defeated.

Mega Man 4: Taking place a year after the events of Mega Man 3, an evil scientist named Dr. Cossack builds eight robots and tries to take over the world. After further investigation from Mega Man, it is revealed that Dr. Cossack was forced to build them as Dr. Wily held his daughter captive. Mega Man rushes in and saves Dr. Cossack and his daughter from Dr. Wily while defeating the mad scientist again.

Okay, now that you are caught up on the stupid ways Dr. Wily has tried to take over the world, let’s get to Mega Man 5’s plot. Taking place only two months after the fourth game, Dr. Light has been kidnapped. It appears that Proto Man is behind the crime. Proto Man has been seen throughout the series as a mysterious figure who occasionally spars and helps Mega Man. After Mega Man fights through another eight robot masters and busts into Proto Man’s secret base, he discovers that Proto Man was an imposter as the real Proto Man comes to the rescue of Mega Man. After they defeat the imposter, Mega Man moves to the real secret lair and defeats Dr. Wily again who was behind the plot all along.

Mega Man 5 Gameplay:

Like the rest of the Mega Man games, you’ll be able to choose your path in defeating the eight robot masters. Each robot has a weakness to a specific weapon that you can obtain while defeating them so there’s a strategy on what order you face them. You’ll be able to slide and charge your Mega Buster which were new features in previous games. I don’t believe Mega Man 5 adds any new gameplay abilities but if you know of something I’m forgetting be sure to let me know in an angry comment on this Mega Man 5 review.

Something that has always improved with each Mega Man game and something that I’ve commented on each time is the backgrounds and environments to the levels. It seems like each game puts more detail and elements into the game so it’s nice to see some type of improvement with such repetitive games in a repetitive series. On Gravity Man’s stage, there were reverse gravity sections that I really dug, and of course, there were a few times when Mega Man had to wade through water that either pushed or pulled him, that aspect has been a staple in the game for a few stages now. I think the toughest stage in my Mega Man 5 review was Gyro Man’s stage because there were some spiked ceilings and numerous times I jumped too high and if you touch the spikes it’s instant death for Mega Man. If I had to pick a favorite stage it would be Crystal Man’s stage where you make your way through mounds of crystal meth. Okay, maybe it’s not crystal meth but the crystals in the stage were pretty enough.

Here are the eight robot masters from Mega Man 5 and their official bios.

When I battled Dr. Wily in my Mega Man 5 review I believe it was the easiest fight in the series so far for a final boss. His first form has an easy target in the middle that is just begging to be blown away by the Mega Buster. He then has a stage where he shoots a circular wave of orbs around him and disappears before reappearing somewhere else on the screen. He’s pretty easy to avoid and you can take him down with the Mega Buster or Gyro Man’s weapon which can shoot up.

I understand that Capcom had a formula that worked, but jeez these games are so predictable now. We all know who is behind the “mysterious” eight robot masters that are trying to take over the world. Maybe it’s a joke, I don’t know but I’ll set myself on fire if there’s ever a Mega Man game where Dr. Wily isn’t the mastermind behind world domination.

Just like the first four games, I played Mega Man 5 with my coworker when I worked at a hospital in college. We had tons of fun and it distracted us from work a little too much.

Mega Man 5 Review Score:

Mega Man 5 doesn’t add anything to the series so as long as you enjoyed the first four games, you’ll like the fifth just don’t expect any surprises. It’s a Mega Man game through and through.

Mega Man 5 scores a 7.3 out of 10.

What would you write in your Mega Man 5 review? Do you remember when Mega Man 5 first came out? Were you blown away by the shocking plot twist that Dr. Wily was behind it all? How do you feel about the real Proto Man? What was your favorite robot master from this game? Let me know your memories and thoughts, I’d love to read the comments!

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