Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Review

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In 2013, developer Starbreeze Studios and publisher 505 Games teamed up to release “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons” for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and later remastered for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game features unique controls and a story that pulls at your heartstrings as you control two Brothers as they embark on a deeply personal quest. Be careful of the web of lies in this Brothers A Tale of Two Sons review.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Plot:

My Brothers A Tale of Two Sons review revolved around the plot of two brothers, a younger boy named Naiee, and his older brother in his (probably) late teens named Naia. They have lost their mother who drowned at sea. Naiee was there and was unable to get the courage to rescue her from the water. Their father has fallen ill and his outlook is grime without the assistance of medicine.

The village doctor tells the boys that the only way to save their father is to collect the waters from the Tree of Life which would require them to take a great journey. Not wanting to lose their father, the brothers decide to venture to the Tree of Life. The trip brings the brothers closer together as they face dangers in the town, a local farm, forests, caves, castles, and rivers.

One of the dangers I encountered during my Brothers a Tale of Two Sons review is a bloodthirsty tribe that is ready to sacrifice a girl. After rescuing the girl from the tribe, she joins them on their journey slowly seducing the older brother Naia much to the annoyance of Naiee. The girl leads the brothers into a cave revealing herself to be a deadly spider as she transforms before them. Turns out the tribe was doing the right thing in sacrificing her!

The brothers team up and kill the spider but she has one last spurt of energy before she dies and stabs the eldest brother with a poisonous barb. Naia is wounded but continues the journey with his younger brother to the Tree of Life. When they reach the tree, Naia is too weak to climb to the top of the giant planet. He sits down and motions Naiee to continue without him and get the water at the top. Naiee collects the water and returns to the bottom to find his older brother dead. He digs a grave for his brother before making his return trip to his hometown.

Throughout my Brothers a Tale of Two Sons review, Naiee’s fear of water forced Naia to swim across rivers with Naiee on his back. Alone, Naiee is scared to cross the water as he remembers his mother drowning. Her spirit visits him and gives him the courage to cross the water. Naiee’s father recovers from his illness with the water from the Tree of Life. The game ends as both he and Naiee mourn over two tombstones of the mother and Naia.

Talk about morbid! It’s a sad tale but tells the emotional story of the courage of two brothers who are willing to sacrifice everything for their family.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Gameplay:

Each brother is controlled by a joystick making the controls unique. It’s different but it works. Naiee and Naia are different sizes and can do different things. Naiee is smaller and able to fit into little spaces or crawl through fences. Naia is stronger and can push or pull levers or ropes to open doors. Together, you use both brothers to solve whatever puzzle is stopping you from continuing. The journey that the brothers took during my Brothers a Tale of Two Sons review was filled with strange conundrums. You’ll have to control them as you trick the town bully, run from the farmer’s attack dog, scare away wolves in the forest, and hide from an invisible giant in a snowy abandoned town. There are friends to be made too on your journey. The brothers help two trolls who are imprisoned escape from their prison tombs, stop a man from committing suicide, help an inventor test out his gadgets, and befriend a griffin. The language that the brothers speak is fictional, so everything is acted out through gestures. I didn’t mind it, I think it made the game special.

The environments were beautiful to explore in my Brothers a Tale of Two Sons review. Each area feels so lived in with plenty of stories to tell. My favorite section was a mountainous pass where a great war between giants had taken place recently. The brothers had to move the limbs of the dead to proceed but it made me wonder what had happened and why there was a war. I rarely was killed on the journey, it’s not a difficult game but some aspects of jumping frustrated me. I remember there was a cave sequence where Naia kept missing the hanging rope and fell to his death a few times.

My Brothers A Tale of Two Sons review was a great experience and left me wanting more lore to their land. Unfortunately, it’s very short. If I recall correctly I beat the entire game within a span of two to three hours which made my wife upset as she had just bought it for me!

I had no idea what to expect from this game when I started my Brothers a Tale of Two Sons review. I just heard that you control both brothers with the joysticks so I wanted to play the game for myself. I loved the environments as they sucked me in. I was shocked to watch the eldest brother die. I enjoy twists in stories and while the entire game is dark, I didn’t expect one of the brothers to die. I didn’t mind it, in fact, I loved it. Not all heroes make it home and not all stories have happy endings. On one hand, you have the younger brother who has gained courage from this trip and a father who is healed but on the other hand, the eldest brother died during the trip. Could his death have been avoided? Probably, he was the one that was seduced by the girl who turned into the spider. He dug his own grave.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Review Score Overall:

Fantastic environments, covered in a dark theme of death and depression with a unique control system for the brothers make this game stand out. Its short length is the only thing holding the game back, and it’s too bad because I want a lot more of it. If the developers could stretch the gameplay out to ten hours it would have been a huge boost.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons scores an 8.5 out of 10.

What would you write in your Brothers A Tale of Two Sons review? Do you remember Brothers A Tale of Two Sons when it first came out? What other video games offer unique controls like this one? Who was your favorite brother and were you surprised with Naia died? Let me know your memories and thoughts, I’d love to read the comments!

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  1. Such a fantastic game that tugs on the heartstrings. I absolutely adore coop games of this nature. The events that take place make you feel so many emotions. Excellent review!


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