Marvel’s Spider-Man Review

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Superheroes have become mainstream since the mid-2000s. Spider-Man helped bring them to the next level and made it “cool” to watch superhero films and play Marvel and D.C. video games. While I’m not a huge fan of superheroes, I know an amazing game when I see one. Spider-Man if I had to pick is my favorite superhero from Marvel. In 2018, Insomniac games teamed up with Sony Interactive Entertainment to produce one of the greatest superhero games to date simply titled “Marvel’s Spider-Man”. The game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Let’s swing into web-head’s greatest outing and see what makes this game special in this Marvel’s Spider-Man review!

Marvel’s Spider-Man Plot:

There are hundreds of Spider-Man stories and timelines, but this particular version takes place after Spider-Man has been established as a superhero. Peter Parker is a 23-year-old assistant struggling to balance his life as a superhero, and lab assistant, and maintaining a relationship with his on-again, off-again girlfriend Mary Jane.

I’m not going to explain who Spider-Man is and how Peter Parker got his powers because if you don’t know by now, don’t bother reading my Marvel’s Spider-Man review. Anyway, Spider-Man has recently put away Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin. A gang that wears ancient Chinese masks calling themselves the demons have been breaking into Fisk’s properties and stealing his assets in the hopes of finding something called “Devil’s Breath”.

Spider-Man teams up with Mary Jane who is a crime reporter and Officer Jefferson Davis who helps fight off a demon attack. He is recognized by his peers at a city event for his heroic work but the Demons unleash a deadly attack that kills Officer Davis and other bystanders.

There are a lot of subplots unfolding during the events of the main plot. Peter has discovered that the president of the shelter where his Aunt May works at is the leader of the Demon gang called Mister Negative. Norman Osborn has become the mayor and hires a professional (mercenary) police force to help fight the demons and uprising crime throughout the city. The force called Sable International is not fond of Spider-Man, to say the least.

Meanwhile, Peter continues to work with his mentor and boss Dr. Otto Octavius on a few formulas and scientific breakthroughs in artificial limbs. Unfortunately for them, their lab funds are dwindling and Dr. Octavius has been suffering from a crippling disease that is taking away his mobility.

It’s revealed that “Devil’s Breath” is a chemical bioweapon accidentally created by Oscorp when they were developing cures for diseases. Mister Negative and the Demons obtain the only sample and threaten to release it across the city unless Osborn surrenders. Spider-Man intervenes with their plan and captures Mister Negative enprisoning him.

Throughout the story, you continue to watch Dr. Octavious become more desperate to develop artificial limbs as his body’s mobility worsens. It’s a great arc to watch as he goes from a brilliant scientist and friend to Peter to a desperate man willing to sacrifice anyone and anything in order to advance his research. I understand why he does it and I think these villains are more relatable with the writers making them more human. I’m currently rewatching Breaking Bad, and I love the descent of Walter White as he slowly becomes more and more unstable. My favorite video games are able to pull me in with their storytelling and from start to finish, Spider-Man does just that.

Anyway, Dr. Octavious has been experimenting on himself in private with the mechanical limbs but they increasingly alter his moods and personality. He eventually breaks mentally and helps start a prison break freeing Mister Negative, Vulture, Scorpion, Rhino, and Electro. Dr. Octavious fully embraces his alter ego and Dr. Octopus is born as he now attaches his body with robotic limbs that can carry his frail body around and react to his thoughts a hundred times quicker than normal limbs.

Dr. Octopus unleashes the Devil’s Breath in Times Square infecting thousands including Aunt May. Mayor Osborn declares martial law and shifts all the blame onto Spider-Man for letting these circumstances happen. Meanwhile, Spider-Man has to defeat and recapture the escaped villains one by one who are causing chaos around the city.

Spider-Man defeats Mister Negative who had the only known antidote for Dragon’s Breath and takes it from him. Dr. Octopus steps in and beats the hell out of Spider-Man stealing the antidote in the process. Brutally wounded, Spider-Man builds an armored suit with the technology that he and Dr. Octavious created. With his new suit, Spider-Man defeats Dr. Octopus who reveals that he knew Spider-Man was Peter Parker all along. Peter returns to Aunt May who has been hospitalized. He has the opportunity to save Aunt May or use the antidote to create a vaccine to save thousands of lives. Aunt May reveals she knows Peter was Spider-Man before quietly dying. Amazing plot and writing. Let’s head to the gameplay section of this Marvel’s Spider-Man review to see if it can keep up.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay:

When you play this game, you truly feel like Spider-Man as you swing between buildings, sprint through the streets and alleys, and interact with citizens. The world is so reactive to your style of play it’s fascinating to watch everyone point or talk to Spider-Man as he passes by. Some even ask for selfies and you can pose for their cellphone!

Combat is extremely satisfying, as you continue to grow numerous powers and web enhancements. Similar to the Batman Arkham games, you’ll be able to take out ten or twenty thugs in just a few moves. Each boss fight is clever and it was fun to fight against famous Spider-Man villains throughout the years. The final battle against Dr. Octopus was epic and the atmosphere of the battle didn’t go unnoticed as former friends and colleagues went at it. I’ve reviewed a ton of games, and this was one of my favorite fights and had to make a special note of it in my Marvel’s Spider-Man review.

The entire city is open to exploration and there’s plenty to explore. You’ll find numerous side quests and objects to find. Normally, I don’t look to complete all of these tasks in games, but it was so satisfying and fun to explore the city that I completed every single one of the bonus objectives. Completing them unlocks new suits for Spider-Man that grant him new powers and bonus attributes. You can change suits whenever you please to test out the new powers. I feel like this added a lot to the game. It’s easy to find games where you can tell the developers put thought and love into making the game. These small but welcomed features made my Marvel’s Spider-Man review special.

I could not envision a better superhero game if I tried, Marvel’s Spider-Man offers everything you could want with a fantastic story, exceptional battle mechanics, beautiful graphics, and attention to detail. I spent just as much time slinging around the city for fun as I did playing the main story. The voice acting was superb to go along with the writing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran Spider-Man fan or a newcomer, this game presents an enjoyable story and experience for everyone.

Once I started playing this game, I was hooked. I hadn’t been this into a game in a long time, but from the first hour of gameplay, I was in. It was all I could think about and after work, I’d come home and play it for hours. I’ve said this before but I’m not into superheroes at all. I haven’t watched ANY of the Marvel movies besides the first Iron Man, and I don’t read comics. Marvel’s Spider-Man, however, is a work of art and it couldn’t have been crafted any better. I loved slinging through the city each night and listening to Spider-Man’s witty banter with everyone. This Marvel’s Spider-Man review was one of the most fun reviews I’ve completed in a while.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Review Score:

An epic story, with tremendous boss fights, a city full of life whether you swing on the rooftops or run through the streets, and a world packed full of secrets. Marvel’s Spider-Man rises above every other superhero game and swings to the top of the pedestal in which every developer and publisher of superhero games should strive for.

Marvel’s Spider-Man scores a 9.7 out of 10.

What would you write in your Marvel’s Spider-Man review? Is Marvel’s Spider-Man the best superhero video game? Who was your favorite villain to fight? Did you discover all the secrets in the game and what was your favorite suit? Let me know your thoughts and memories, I’d love to read them!


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